house bezuidenhout
completed 2014

Lyndoch Eco Estate, Stellenbosch, an ecological community of 20 families from diverse racial and social economic groups built around a child-centred learning precinct.

The home extends to all the site boundaries with a courtyard carved out on the north side providing light and ventilation to the adjacent rooms. The home was built using recycled bricks, recycled timber and other sustainably sourced materials. On-site skills training for traditional methods of building was provided. Building waste was strictly controlled and recycled back into the building process to prevent waste. Grey water is separated and treated via an on-site vermiculture-based waste treatment system. Passive heating and cooling systems were adopted as well as solar hot water, gas for cooking and fireplaces for heating. Floor materials of timber and corcolium added to the insulation properties.

Photography by Lien Botha